Consortium Rules & Regulations






any member found breaking the rules will face a ban or possibly expulsion from the consortium



1 All anglers must be in possession of a current E.A. Licence.

2 A strict speed limit of 5 mph is enforced in the park.
3 Parking only in designated areas.
4 Poles and whips must not be used near overhead cables.

5 No boats including bait boats anywhere on the fishery.

6 No swimming or wading anywhere on the venue.
7 Strictly no unauthorised swim clearance or building.

8 No open fires or barbeques.

9 No litter. All litter and debris within the swim and the surrounding area is the responsibility of the angler present regardless of origin and must be removed on leaving the swim.

10 A maximum of two (2) rods on rivers and channel, three (3) rods on lakes.

11 An angler can only occupy one swim at any time and must not interfere with any angler in adjoining swims.

12 Rods must be within reach at all times. When temporarily leaving your swim, hooks and lines must be on the bank with bait removed.

13 A suitable sized landing net for the intended species must be ready for use in the swim along with the appropriate unhooking equipment.

14 No fish may be placed directly on the ground, mats must be used nets or slings must be used to transport fish back to the water. Cloths must not be used to hold/handle any fish.

15 Keepnets can be used for silvers but not for Carp, Barbel or Pike. In certain conditions their use may be suspended.
16 All fish to be returned from the swim where caught.
17 Persons must not attempt to remove fish from the fishery.

18 Weighing and photographic equipment must be ready for use before any catches to reduce out of water times. No fish to be photographed above knee height.



19 The use of nuts is strictly prohibited.

20 No fixed leads or bent hooks.

21 No sacks or keepnets. Nets or slings must be used to transport fish back to the water



22 No live or dead baiting between 1st April and 30th September inclusive.

23 Lure fishing is allowed all season.

24 Live bait must be caught on the day on the pit / river being fished

                       25 Minimum line strength of 15lbs must be used


26 Wire traces (Min 18” x 20lbs) must be used.

27 Semi barbless hooks must be used.

28 Bite detection equipment must show drop back bites and runs.

29 Long forceps and wire cutters must be carried.

30 No sacks or tunnels



31 Offensive conduct or behaviour will not be tolerated. Intimidation of any kind to bailiffs, other anglers, authority personnel or members of the public will be classed as a Gross Misconduct Offence and may result in a ban from the Fishers Green Consortium waters and all LVRPA controlled fisheries.

32 Anglers must not commit any act whatsoever which may interfere or cause offence to other persons. This includes the use of generators, audio or TV equipment.

33 Anglers must not engage in any activity or angling practice which endangers the fishery quality or health of the fish.

34 The LVRPA & Fishers Green Consortium accepts no responsibility for any injury, illness, loss or damage to persons or property in connection with facilities provided at the venue.



Breaking any underlined rule is a Gross Misconduct Offence and may result in a bailiff retaining your membership card.

A second offence will constitute a Gross Misconduct Offence.

Should you be booked for a Gross Misconduct Offence your membership will be suspended prior to attending a disciplinary hearing at which time your ticket may be suspended or cancelled.

Your club will be informed and may take further action.


Open: 16th June until 14th March inclusive.

Start: One hour before sunrise.

Off water: June to August inclusive by 11pm / September to October inclusive by 10pm / November to March inclusive by 8pm. . .


Time off river for September and October is 10pm      - - - - - - -    Channel  is open 24hrs    - - - - - -     see your card for full details



Open: 16th June until 14th March.

24 hour fishing allowed.

West bank - From the weir down to confluence with river and confluence to Fishers Green road bridge.

East bank - From the top boundary to 50 yards below Stubbins Hall Lane footbridge.



Open: All year round

24 hour fishing allowed


Only in official car parks. Do not park on access roads.


The gates must be locked after entering and leaving fishery at all times.


Rats carry Weil’s disease, litter attracts rats.

Leaving any litter is a Gross Misconduct Offence.

Please take all litter home with you.


All bailiffs are appointed by the Consortium.
Please co-operate fully with bailiffs at all times.


If you have any important matter or information to report you should tell the bailiff or contact: 07957 290 882 or 07989 817 316


Thank you in advance for your co-operation.


© Fishers Green Consortium 2017